Saturday, February 26, 2011

Report Cards

Midway through my first grade year, my family moved from Addison, Illinois to Roanoke, Virginia. The following is my first grade report card:

Looking inside, you'll notice that I received an "U" or UNSATISFACTORY in reading with a note:

My teacher added a corresponding note that said, "Does not misbehave, but draws when he should be practicing reading". As I recall, I got in trouble for that and you'll notice that my reading grades improved from that point on- and Mrs. Smith didn't even give me an "E" in art (ha, ha)! I loved rediscovering this many years later... proof positive that I was discouraged from becoming an artist at the earliest points in my life, but kept following my heart


  1. So very glad that you did not give up drawing.

  2. Thanks, Lynda- I can't imagine doing anything else!